Custom Build Services

Have you always wanted to build a AK 47 or Ak 74 rifle to your specifications? With tons of Mass produced AK platforms on the market you never know what your getting, most lacking finish and quality & improper head spacing that leads to the lack of accuracy stigma that goes with the AK platform. With any of our custom builds, we fully coordinate the project with each customer before hand. Prices very depending on the level of conversion. Additional Custom services and options are available. We can add side folder stocks, custom front-end work, Black Nitride Bolt, Carrier and piston, and many other options. Prices based on parts and labor required for the job. Due to the high quality standards turn around time will run 4-6 weeks from the day we receive payment. Due to the unusual demand at this time, this turn around time is an estimate. 

AK/Saiga/Vepr Rifle (Labor Only)

  • AK 47 or AK 74 build from parts kits assembly (price may vary depending on origin and condition of parts kit, receiver and barrel) $580

  • Basic Saiga rifle conversion (pistol grip, stock, trigger group, bolt on trigger guard, bullet guide installation) $120

  • Saiga Authentic rifle conversion (pistol grip with reinforcement plate, stock, trigger group, riveted trigger guard, weld all extra holes in the receiver, rivet bullet guide, thread barrel, install to AK factory specs) $450

  • Cut, Thread, Crown Barrel & Pin Muzzle device (LABOR)  $225

  • Front sight replacement (will be sighted in with laser bore) $95

  • Gas block replacement (must have front sight upgrade at the same time) $75

  • Original lower handguard retainer and AK gas tube install (must have front sight and gas block upgrade at the same time) $40

  • Custom fit polished hammer and sear, reprofiled trigger (rifle must be sent in for fitting) $60

  • Zero in rifle at range, ammo not included $50

  • AK-100 folding buttstock install $500

  • Cerakote or KG Gunkote (Moly Resin) refinish (complete gun, one color) $250

 Return shipping (not included) by ground usually runs $35.00 and is additional to the build price, we provide the shipping container, hardshell shipping cases are available for an additional $25.00 (our cost). We only ship to the address it was sent from per federal law.

Feel free to supply the shipping container and shipping label from the shipper of your choice for the return and the shipping charge is waived.

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