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Estimated lead time 40 weeks. THIS LEAD TIME IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE, DUE TO PARTS AVAILABILITY & OUTSIDE PROCESSING. Unexpected delays beyond our control are possible. It will be worth the wait!

If you want to spread your purchase over two payments, we offer a $1000 down payment and remaining balance due upon completion.

MDC 47 "Little Dirty" was created out of a necessity to provide the industry with the ultimate modern weapons platform based off of the battle proven AK47 platform. The foundation of the "Little Dirty" begins with us utilizing an American manufactured Sharps Bros. MB47 milled receiver, which was originally patterned after the original milled Bulgarian AK47 but with the addition of an integrated AR buffer extension. Starting at the rear of the "Little Dirty" the system utilizes a pistol buffer tube with the SB-Tactical SBM4 arm brace. We provide the end user with a positive gripping surface that allows proper one handed control of the Little Dirty" through the use of the Magpul AK grip. To provide the end user with a refined fire control group we’ve added the ALG Defense AK-T trigger system. To maximize the accuracy potential of the system, the "Little Dirty" is built with our US manufactured 4150 CMV black nitrided 11.5 inch barrel coupled with our modern front sight block that replaces both the original gas block and front sight block. From its inception, the "Little Dirty" was to be a purpose driven suppressor ready platform in which the barrel utilizes a hybrid Battle Comp (BC51) that allows for the use any Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC) 51Tooth 30-caliber suppressors. Through the use of our US manufactured M-LOK hand guard system we are able to provide both a lightweight and strong gas tube that not only allows the tuned gas system to provide the necessary gases for the system to run optimally but also provides the end-user with ability to mount optics in a forward position through its integrated M1913 Picatinny rail. 


  • Sharps Bros MB47 Milled Receiver

  • MDC 11.5 Barrel 4150 CMV black nitride barrel (Chambered in 7.62x39)

  • MDC Front Sight Block Combo

  • Black nitride of the key weapon system components including barrel, front sight gas block to increase wear-resistance, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, & lubricity.

  • Muzzle Device: Battle Comp (BC51) 

  • ALG Defense Trigger

  • Magpul MOE AK Grip

  • Krebs safety selector

  • Weight 7.8lbs

  • The MLOK front handguard and picatinny gas tube, allows the use of red-dot optics, tactical lamps and other accessories.

ALL MDC Firearms must be shipped to your local FFL 

Optics and MLOK accessories not included 


5 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by Sean Dillman on 09/14/2021 04:09:31

    It's the love child of Megan Fox and Mikhail Kalashnikov. It's the most fabled porn star in Khyber Pass. It's John Wick's dog, reincarnated. It's your step mom stuck in a dryer. It's a Costco bottle of astroglide and a hall pass. Your sugar baby can kiss her condo and Honda goodbye as you know shit is about to multiply. It's Tony Montana's wet dream.... Fuck yeah baby... WOLVERINES!!!!

  • 1
    LDP 7.62x39

    Published by Neil Anderson on 05/29/2021 09:05:43

    To be clear this is far from a 1 star rating weapon ! I gave it a one star to get attention of others out of curiosity on why. So here it is , at the end of the day I have to put the rifle down and away in my safe , I have to pause to eat , and drive to and from the range all things that take away trigger time with me and my meridian defense LDP. Just cowboy up and buy the damn thing , you will thank me , it’s as soft shooting as a 223 AR I kid you not multiple day courses of fire various drills , 1-5 , Mozambiques , weapon transitions , reloads etc and this thing just runs . Shot times with an AK just as fast as any on my ARs . I ran steel mags , pmags, us palm , even the Korean mags not a single malfunction to include various brands and types of ammo , hollow points and grain weight all flawless . All I can say is it’s awesome and will serve you well . I have put together and built up many AK style/variant rifles and this one would have saved me so much money if I would have bought it first . Full transparency weight time sucks like watching paint dry in a monsoon but it was because the anticipation was epic and Meridian defense did not disappoint . Thanks boys love the rifle . MERICA !

  • 5
    Amazing firearm

    Published by Michael Stump on 02/14/2020 07:02:16

    The overall level of quality of this item is amazing. The fit and finish are equivalent to my JP rifles. The MDC crew can pretty much build whatever AK variant you want and were very helpful and communicative throughout the build. No reservations.

  • 5
    Little dirty

    Published by Devin Marquart on 12/15/2019 04:12:15

    Best ak47 I have ever bought and not disappointed at all. Top notch service and quality meridian defense is my only go to for ak builds and will definitely be back to order the little evil.

  • 5
    Little Dirty Pistol

    Published by Adam on 09/25/2019 08:09:25

    I've had my LDP for going on around 8 months and I wanted to give it a thorough review as it is a decent penny and while I've only put about 3100~rounds through it about 3000~ of those rounds have been 3 separate one day classes running the gun hot, fast, and dirty. It was gut wrenching getting so much sand into such an expensive gun, but while I watched others guns go down left and right all day long the LDP kept trucking through the sand and the dirt and thanks to the downpour what later turned into a very silty mud it still never skipped a beat. I've never had a malfunction at any time with the gun, but that's almost to be expected with a gun costing so much, I know at first you look at the price and go "eh I can totally take a wasr and through some furniture on and have the same thing for way less". You can't. I've owned/own just about every make from Norinco to Wasr to Saigas and yugos, I'm not sure what dark magic takes place at MDC HQ but between myself and multiple instructors with a heavy background in AKs have never EVER had an ak action so smooth or a trigger so crisp. If you run suppressed it's even more of a no brainer, it's the softest shooting and quietest 7.62x39 AK out there with Z-E-R-O gas to the face all while maintaining that famed AK reliability. All in all if you're on the fence just do it, Paul and Tony (and I'm sure the rest of the guys there) are top notch and Customer Service was second to none. Pros: -Smooth as butter -Suppresses excellently -110% Reliable -Sex appeal (and as a wise man once said nothing matters if you don't look cool) -Softest recoil impulse on a 7.62x39 gun as you can get thanks to their FSB -I'm not sure if the MB47 reciever is opened up in the mag area but I swear my reloads are way faster Cons: - It is a touch on the heavy side but then again I've never felt like I can forge the One Ring to rule them all using a firearm reciever so I'm okay with it -Everyone and their mother will stop you and ask to shoot it so bring extra ammo

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