Meridian Defense: AK-47 "Little Dirty-S" Giveaway



Giveaway FAQ


Q: How do I enter this legendary giveaway?

A: Couldn't be simpler! Use the entry above and follow the on-screen prompts. No blood oaths required.


Q: Social Media Login, really?

A: Yep, linking a social media account adds a layer of verification, ensuring no one else enters as you. Your social media is basically your password, but way cooler.


Q: Why can't I log in?

A: Double-check for typos and ensure you're using the correct email associated with your social media accounts. If you've changed or deleted social accounts, you'll need to update that in Gleam.


Q: It's asking for verification. Am I a robot?

A: Unless you're secretly AI (if so, well done), this prompt usually shows up due to spam activity from a similar IP address. VPN users, we're looking at you.


Q: How do I reconnect a social account?

A: Navigate to the 'Edit' tab on the Gleam widget, and you can remove or add accounts there. Like social media spring cleaning.


Q: Why does it say my email is already in use?

A: You've probably entered one of our contests before with that email. To change it, you'll need to log in with the old account and then update it in Gleam.


Q: Why do you need my birth date?

A: Because you need to be 18 to enter, and we don't want to accidentally send an AK-47 to a toddler.


Q: How is the winner picked?

A: We choose our lucky winner at random the morning after the giveaway ends. So yes, you could be the chosen one with just one entry, but more entries = better odds.


Q: Why should I choose an AK-47?

A: Because you are ready to come to the dark side.