Jobs at MDC

Manufacturing Division


CNC Operators: Ready to control some serious machinery? As a CNC Operator, you'll be the maestro of our computer-controlled machines, shaping raw materials into engineering marvels. Precision is your middle name, and metal bends to your will.


Programmers: Code warriors, this is your arena! You'll breathe life into our machines, crafting the digital instructions that drive our CNC operations. Your codes are the heartbeat of our manufacturing process.


Designers: Got a knack for turning concepts into reality? Our Designers are the architects of innovation, creating blueprints that guide the birth of our cutting-edge products. You sketch, we build!


Machine Shop General Manager: Lead the charge! As the General Manager, you're the captain of our manufacturing ship, steering the team towards excellence with your strategic vision and unparalleled leadership.


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 Marketing Department


Videography: Our Videographers capture the raw power of our products in action, creating visual sagas that resonate with our audience. You're not just filming; you're storytelling.


Video Editors: The magic-makers of post-production! As a Video Editor, you'll splice, dice, and polish our raw footage into cinematic masterpieces. Your editing suite is your fortress, where raw footage transforms into viral legends.


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Gunsmith Division


AK Builders: Craftsmen of the highest order, our AK Builders assemble the legends. You're not just building guns; you're forging history, piece by piece.


Assembly: The backbone of our gunsmith team! In Assembly, you bring together the intricate components of our firearms, ensuring every piece aligns with our standard of perfection.


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