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SOLD OUT!  Limited Drop Today (9AM PST) Estimated lead time 24-36 weeks. THIS LEAD TIME IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE, DUE TO PARTS AVAILABILITY & OUTSIDE PROCESSING, It will be worth the wait!

 If you want to spread your purchase over two payments, we offer a $500 down payment and remaining balance due upon completion. Flat fee of $50 for shipping will be billed once the rifle is ready to ship.

 Introducing the New Little Dirty-S, a US made true suppressor ready AK! The brand new MDC "Stamped Little Dirty-S Pistol, designed to revolutionize the legacy set by our iconic "Little Dirty" is a revolutionary American-made AK platform that redefines the standards for precision, performance, and suppressor compatibility. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this rifle features a rare and innovative combination of our cutting-edge MDC 100% fully machined Billet 4140 steel heat treated to 41-43Rc Trunnion, Bolt, and Forged Carrier – all proudly manufactured in the USA.

Key Features:

  1. Adjustable Gas Block: Our new fully machined gas block offers four positions to cater to various shooting scenarios, including standard gas settings, suppressor on with supersonic ammo, suppressor on with subsonic ammo, and an offsetting.

  2. Billet 4140 steel heat treated to 43Rc Rear "BTA" Trunnion: The fully machined billet rear trunnion provides a secure foundation for any Mil-Spec buffer tubes. Our stock assembly features a Mil-Spec carbine tube, CTR stock, and extended butt pad for enhanced comfort.

  3. MDC-FCG Performance Trigger: The MDC-FCG is a game-changer in the AK trigger landscape. Engineered for a true drop-in experience, it boasts a 3.5lbs trigger pull, combining the classic AK look with modernized performance.

  4. 7.62x39 CHF MDC-11.5 Barrel: The barrel is constructed from 4150 CHF material and undergoes a black nitriding process with a custom twist rate, ensuring optimal performance with both subsonic and supersonic ammunition. (Chambered in 7.62x39)

  5. Muzzle Brake (BD2-K Keymount): The BD2-K is a 2-port compensator and muzzle brake hybrid, designed to seamlessly attach your Dead Air Sandman-L, Sandman-S, Sandman-K, or KeyMo equipped Nomad-30 or Primal to your rifle.

  6. MDC M-lok Rail System & Gas Tube: The rifle incorporates a 9-inch M-lok rail system for versatile accessory attachment, providing a sturdy and ergonomic platform for customization.

Why The Little Dirty-S?

  • True Suppressor Ready CQB : Engineered to meet the demands of suppressor use without sacrificing performance or over gassing issues.

  • Core US Parts: Developed out of frustration with overseas parts, we sought to create our own, ensuring quality control and avoiding the pitfalls of unreliable imports.

  • Precision Craftsmanship: Tired of the market flooded with subpar and overpriced components, we set out to establish tighter tolerances and deliver a rifle we proudly stand behind.

  • End-to-End Control: Started as builders, we aim to set the standard for the AK community, eliminating dependence on foreign suppliers and ensuring a reliable supply chain of top-tier components.

The future of American-made AK platforms. The MDC "Little Dirty-S" is not just a rifle; it's a statement of quality, precision, and independence in the firearms industry.

ALL MDC Models must be shipped to an FFL.  

Optics not included 

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